we take an intake to assess your condition and
problems. I, Olaf Muurmans then proceed to make a diagnosis
through the Pulse, the Tongue, Hand Reading and eventually
through a blood test which is taken from the Thumb.(Living
coagulated blood analysis could be optional).
On the basis of this diagnosis I then proceed to prescribe a
prescription based on Herbs. Quite often the symptoms one
has, have its origin in the accumulation of toxins in the body
or through the lack of certain minerals or vitamins.
Deze kruiden betrek ik uit o.a. India, Nepal, Sri Lanka en Kroatië.

The prescribed Herbs are instantly prepared on an individual basis. You will receive instructions as to the intake of these and the intake time. Sometimes I prescribe Herbs that are just Pills, Powders or are in Liquid form. Please note that these Herb come directly from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Croatia. Methods and Specialisms can be introduced during the
follow-up Treatment. Through my distinct Knowledge I can assess which Treatment would be best for you. Follow-up Treatments include removal of Energy blockades through either Magnetism, or the use of Gem Stones, Semi Precious Stones etc. I will also advise on food intake according to your specific blood type and through Feng Shui.

How can I prepare for Treatment?

You can prepare yourself physically and mentally through taking as little as possible Sleeping Pills, Aspirin, and or Tranquilizers. This, however, does not go for prescription medication such as for the Hart, Epilepsy, and Diabetes. You may support your Treatment by bringing me a Picture of
yourself, your loved Ones, and your most close Friends. I use each Picture individually provided there is an accurate Birth date.

You can also provide me with a map of your Property or House in which I can see where windows, doors and the bed are placed. I use this map to advice you what you can do to in the bedroom as to improve your sleeping condition according to the principles of Feng Shui.

What are possible side effects from my Treatment?

Side effects vary from person to person. Sometimes you can experience some tingling in your body, a heavy head or heavy legs or even a rush somewhere in your body. These side effects can happen three weeks into the Treatment. These are completely normal, and you do not need to go and see your doctor. Lots of people do experience some increased tiredness and consequently sleep more. It is also possible your symptoms could worsen before they get better. This is part of the healing process. Some people experience diarrhoea, obstipation, assorted colour of their urine, perspiration, restlessness, insomnia or change of menstrual cycle. All these will disappear.

It is especially important to take a lot of rest when you start the Treatment. Even though you feel more fitter I do highly recommend a lot of rest. The energy is needed for the healing process. Healing is the goal. The healing process differs from person to person. Everyone has different energy blockages. Some take more time to remove than others.

Are there risks related to my Treatments?

There are no risks related to your Treatment. Even if you are under Treatment elsewhere you can still follow my Treatment. It will never interfere. My Treatments supports other Treatments you may have.