Foot Reflexology

The feet contain all of our body parts like the skin, muscles, bones, nerves, and all of our organs in specific reflex zones. Through properly massaging these zones in the foot the energy blockages disappear. These blockages can namely disrupt the proper function of your body whereby you can suffer from the following conditions such as
– Headaches
– Fatigue
– Stress
– Back pain
– Stomach problems
– Fears

When your Body and Spirit are in balance, your overall health will improve greatly. If you suffer from any abovementioned conditions Foot Reflexology might be for you. Prior to Treatment I will ask you all kinds of questions related to your condition to accurately assess where the problem lies.

During the Treatment I will assess other foot reflex zones or energy zones in your foot. It is important you really try to relax during the Treatment. Perspiration, sleepiness and change of body temperature are normal during Treatment. These occur because your body is trying to get rid of the accumulated toxins. This is completely normal. After Treatment you need to drink lots of water to help get rid of these toxins.