Kinesiology is a Holistic Treatment whereby we communicate with the body through the testing of muscles. The body contains energy pathways which we call Meridians. These provide us with valuable information about you. These Meridians are connected to certain muscles which when carefully pressed indicate where the discomfort in your body is. In this way we know how to treat you. Muscles can be debilitated through stress. In Kinesiology we know distinct kinds of stress:

Mechanical stress: stress related through sport injuries and the like

Chemical stress: allergies, food allergies, low vitamin and mineral diets, medicine abuse, environmental pollution and electro smog.

Emotional stress: work related stress, relationship stress, fears, grief, or anger.

To balance the body, we need to know which muscle to trigger to correct the muscles weakened by stress. Together with you we assess what is the best way to get you back to health quickly.