Applied Natural Medicine Consultation

1 hour €94,75

1,5-hour €147,75

0,5-hour €49,25 

business rate €197,00 incl. VAT

These consultations will be given by Olav Muurmans. 1-hour consult is 94,50 Euro. A consultation of 1,5 hr is also possible and will cost 147,75 Euro. It is possible to reserve a 30- minute consultation for follow up appointments which cost 49,25 Euro. Business rates are 197,00 inclusive VAT.

Meditation Trainings

7 lessons (1 per month) €295,50

This money will be donated to Stitching Autumn Blaze

The price for 7 meditation lessons is 295,50 Euro. This money will be donated to Stitching Autumn Blaze.  This organisation takes care of poor children in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka.

Feng Shui visit

Feng Shui home visit inclusive travel costs 0,19 per km 246,25 Euro

The price for a Feng Shui visit (redecorating and cleansing of the home) is 246,50 Euro. Travel cost excluded. These are 0,19 per km. Feng Shui is given by Olav Muurmans

Living Blood Analysis

One consultation 98,50 Euro

The price for Living Blood Analysis is 98,50 Euro. This price is exclusive the price for the consultation. Included in the price of the Living Blood Analysis are 5 microscopic pictures, half hour research performed by Olav Muurmans. The results will be discussed in the next consultation. In this consultation new microscopic pictures will be taken for analysis and to assess the healing process through the blood. These are cost free.

Relationship Therapy

1 hour €149,25

The price of Relationship Therapy is for an hour-long session 141,75 Euro. This therapy is given by Olav Muurmans.

Family Tree

1 hour €141,75

The price for Family Tree drawings is 1 hour 149,25 Euro. Family Tree drawings are given by Olav Muurmans and Henk Waltman.

Aryuvedic Consultation

1 hour €98,50

The price is 98,50 for 1 hour consultation and this consultation is given by Olav Muurmans.

Health Insurance

Most Health Insurances cover alternative medical health therapies. However, we advise you to consult with your Health Insurance as to what they are prepared to reimburse. These are the Health Insurance Companies we work with;

  • ANOZ
  • ASR
  • Avero Achmea
  • AXA
  • AZVZ
  • Cardian
  • CZ
  • Delta Loyd
  • DSW
  • DVZ
  • FBTO
  • Fortis ASR
  • De Friesland
  • De Goudse
  • Groeneland Achmea
  • IAK
  • Interpolis
  • IZA
  • IZR
  • IZZ
  • Kruidvat Ohra
  • Lancyr
  • Menzis
  • National Academic Product
  • Nationale Nederlanden
  • NUTS
  • NVS
  • Ohra Diavitaal
  • ONVZ
  • OOM
  • OZF Achmea
  • PNO
  • Prolife
  • PWZ Achmea
  • RGZ
  • Sallant
  • SIZ
  • DSW
  • Take Care Now
  • Trias
  • Turien & Co
  • UMC Zorgverzekeraar 2009
  • Unive
  • VEGA Polis (Agis)
  • VGZ
  • VVAA
  • Zilveren Kruis Achmea
  • Zorg & Zekerheid
  • ZLM


Consultaties dienen om administratieve redenen per PIN afgerekend te worden. Contant in overleg.