Family Trees

A Family Tree often reveals certain patterns within a family. Some patterns may subside for centuries within a family such as about divorce, death of children, rejection, illness and the
like. A Family Tree helps to remove all these curses from the Family line.

How we Operate
Insight into a Family Tree is a process whereby the family member asks a question concerning certain patterns within his or her family. We invite other participants to join in as ‘representatives. The client gives these representatives a place in the field. The client is backed by the one that draws the Family Tree.

How we bring you into touch with your blockages
Quite often in life we develop certain patterns and habits in our lives. These, which can best be described as survival mode behaviour patterns when adopted for a long time may become normal but may not be the best ones for us. These negative behavioural patterns often generate during times of trouble. We often then tend to lose what is really important for us in our lives. We often see these behavioural patterns come through the generational line into the family. Through the drawing of the Family Tree we can detect these and remove them from your life. Patterns will become clear whereby the root cause will come to light. This can often lead to reconciliation, healing and restoration within the Family.

When to draw a Family Tree
If you have questions regarding your work, your relationship with partner or with others, recurring disasters etc it is wise to draw a Family Tree. It will bring you insight into questions such as ‘what is good for me?’, is this the lifestyle I want? ‘etc.