The abbreviation VBAG stands for Asociation for the Poromotion of Alternative Medicine. The VBAG is a professional association for independent, professional practitioners of natural medicine.

VBAG-number 2020302


The RBCZ foundation is an umbrella organisation that certifies and registers therapist at the HBO level in natural health care. The RBCZ provides its services to professional associations to which the therapists are affiliated.

RBCZ number:909928RR

Health insurance number:027791


The Belangen Association Therapist and Consumer Foundation (BATC) was established in 1998, with the aim of creating unity and improvement of quality within nature- oriented care. In a brief time BATC joined forced with dozens of naturopathic therapists to fight for the interest of both therapists and clients. We work according to the following five nature – oriented principles: energy, stimulus transfer, drainage, nutrition and lifestyle.

Association number: BR-02879

Complaints number: KB 1812.2470


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