Support for Business and or Companies

Today, unfortunately in many Businesses tensions such as miscommunication, illnesses, unhappy employees and the like are rampant. This often works negatively on the return of investment within the Company.

What can we do for you?

We offer counselling to either the employee or the Company as a whole. This counselling is performed by Olav Muurmans and his team.

On location

On location employees are assigned to a new layout of the office using a compass, and through astrological Feng Shui calculations. This will ensure better communication within the existing team, so that cooperation will be more effective with less chance of absenteeism or employee turnover. We also offer support to the individual employee, using all techniques offered in practice.

Group Training

These training are given to groups whereby we try to improve the communication between employees. In order to bring this
about we focus on:
– The Employee
– The Team
– The Work environment

Because each Company is different and is in need of an unique approach we start with

1. Intake/ Interview

During the intake interview, you will receive survey forms for us that you hand in before your training. We assess the points of attention within your company in terms of communication and cooperation.

2. Company Visit

After the intake interview, Olav Muurmans will visit your company. The workplace is assessed by him on the basis of materials, colours, design and sound. You will receive advice on the spot based on these observations and through clairvoyant observations.

3. Program Compilation

The completed survey forms are analysed. In a second meeting, we will discuss the points of attention and the learning objectives that result from this. We also immediately make a proposal about how we want to work with your team during the 2-day Program. You test the learning objectives, you can add extra points of attention and you can indicate which learning objective have priority for you. Then we create a tailor made 2- day program for you.

4. 2-Day Training

In each training, at least attention is paid to a number of fixed component such as meditation and relaxation techniques. Personal development advice etc. Within each training we determine alongside you what the learning objectives are These are elaborated on the basis of role plays, interactions and all kinds of specially selected exercise The basis for the trajectory of this training is provided by Olav Muurmans.

5. Evaluation

After 4 weeks an evaluation will be given again in order to evaluate if the team Program has had its desired effect. This training will be assessed on location.