Living Blood Analysis

Living Blood Analysis (LBA) and the Free Radical (FR) test also known as Microscopic Blood Analysis is a specialist Research Method whereby we look at the different living elements within the Blood. The LBA and the FR are often used to diagnose liver diseases, intestine conditions, kidney problems all kinds of fatigue conditions such as Pfeiffer or Lyme disease. With LBA we use different microscope techniques known as Fase Contrast and Donkerveld microscopy.

Through a pinch in the Thumb we extract a tiny amount of blood which will be analysed through different kind of lenses using the Donkerveld and Fase Contrast methods. Within the microscope there is an inbuilt computer which reads and films the LBA within the blood. The results can be used in all kinds of healing methods such as Ayurveda to provide you with the best results to get you back to radiant health.