Relationship Therapy

In our modern Society there are all kind of different forms of relationships. Sometimes in a relationship certain doubts can arise such as ‘have I made the right partner choice, is this the life that I want’ etc. Too many couples split to quickly. Research has shown that couples that are divorced 2 years often regret their split. Often enough they realise that if the energy they have spent rearranging their new lives would have been spent within the relationship or within the marriage they would still be together. Through Relationship Therapy one can discover the problems and gain insights into what needs to be done in order to save the marriage or relationship.

What can Relationship Therapy do for you?
A Relationship Therapist can bring the couple out of isolation and can bring both parties to talk on an even level with one another. Insights into issues pertaining to the problems within the relationship or marriage can be brought to light. This form of Therapy can bring you back together and help the marriage heal in a healthy manner. More importantly, it will heal the whole family and bring physical emotional healing to all persons involved. All of Muurmans specialisms will be introduced within the Therapy to bring wholesome healing.


Each intake gives an actual assessment of the problems within the marriage and or the relationship. The assessment as such is not the most important thing as well as the acquirement of mutual respect. couples will learn how to have more respect for each other. Follow up therapy requires both couples to be present.


Duration of the Treatment

It is not possible to assess the duration of each individual Therapy. In some cases, the Relationship improves dramatically in a relative short time. Duration of the session is 1 hour.