Olav Muurmans


Early in my childhood I started to have Clairvoyance experiences which were accompanied by all kinds of Spiritual perceptions and experiences. After School I studied Hotel Management, which led me to travel all over Europe. I have worked in a variety of Hotels and Restaurants. I owned my own Restaurant for 14 years. During this time, I started to specialize myself in Nutrition and Herbs. When I turned 32 my Clairvoyance abilities started to widen which have led me to not only foresee the future but to Spirit Writing and Channelling. I also have a degree in Ayurveda which I studied for 5 years. This study I partially did in The Hague en completed it in 2002 In India as an Herbalist. While in India I had my internship at the Indian Medicine Centre as an Aryuvedic Counsel Practitioner. In Belgium and Switzerland, I studied Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a Taoist Philosophy combined with Chinese Astrology and working with our living spaces to bring balance into the home. Besides all these studies I also am specialized in Vedic Astrology which I also studied in India and Nepal and Living Blood Analysis. I have all kinds of studies and trainings in Media Development,


Minerology, Western and Nine Star Key, Feng Shui Astrology and as a Relationship Counsellor. I am still growing in my Clairvoyance perceptions through all kinds of self-development studies.

I started this Practice back in 1997. From 2004 onwards we moved into the current Practice location from where we offer Meditation practices. I offer my services to everyone who needs my help. Amongst my Clients are big Corporations as well as Hospitals where I work in close cooperation with Doctors and Therapists in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

Henk Waltman


I always have been fascinated by Family Trees, especially the choices and responsibilities within Families. In my own case when I studied my Family Tree it brought me healing and insight. Studying my Family Tree in relationship with myself has given me lots of insight into who I really am. Life becomes more tangible and insightful. To come to this realisation is the key. To acquire the Consciousness that brings insight into our decisions and lives takes time. It is often through waiting, enduring, and meditation that messages will arrive, but when they do, they are wonderful.